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Sysmex XN-L Series –Latest 6 part differential analyzer from Transasia
Date: 23 November , 2015 in Mumbai , International

Mumbai, 23rd November, 2015 : In recent years, there has been a rampant demand for medical care and testing especially in developing countries like India. As a result, the regional medical needs have diversified and personalised healthcare is gaining popularity.

To address this dynamic healthcare terrain, providing advanced testing modalities with specialized clinical parameters has become the need of the hour! The recently launched Sysmex XN-L series precisely addresses the varied needs of the growing laboratories in emerging markets.

This new compact 6 part differential hematology analyzer comes with the smallest footprint and is equipped with advanced testing options including reticulocyte measurement functions (RET), a low WBC mode and body fluid (BF) mode. XN-L series offers 43 clinically relevant parameters that include IG, RET, RET-He, IRF, PLT-O, IPF, body fluid parameters which assist clinicians in diagnostic decisions.

Sysmex XN-L capitalises on the core technology of Sysmex X-series analyzers i.e. Fluorescence flow cytometry and its proven ability to detect additional abnormal cell types accurately based on fluorescence signature of nucleic acid (DNA/RNA). However, by moving from traditional 5 PDA to a more detailed 6 part WBC differential with Immature Granulocyte, the XN-L series facilitates faster detection of inflammatory reactions thus aiding prognostic decisions.

The Sysmex XN-L series also allows upgradation to automated erythropoetic indices like RET, Ret-He, IRF which aid in monitoring RBC production and differentiation between classical and functional iron deficiency.

It offers 3 user friendly models with different aspiration modes: XN -350 (open tube sampling), XN-450 (closed tube sampling) and XN-550 (autoloader). XN-550 also features automated Rerun/ Repeat/ Reflex functions as an added capability.

This new launch by Sysmex and distributed in India exclusively by Transasia Bio-Medicals Ltd. presents an ideal system designed to meet diverse needs of small & mid-sized healthcare facilities and large scale institutions, filling up the gap between basic five part and high end six part systems at an excellent price: quality ratio.


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