Brogan Oliverson replaces brother Easton atlanta braves red jersey large in Little League World Series after head injury, gets standing ovation

August 20, 2022 By Kevin Skiver 0

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The Little League World Series got off to a soberMLB Jacketsing start this week when Utah's Easton Oliverson fell out of atlanta braves jersey preschool a bun atlanta braves jersey acuna k bed in Williamsport, Pa., suffering a severe head injury.

Easton's condition has improved post-emergency surgery, and he's currently recovering at home. In an upl atlanta braves world series hoodie ifting moment, 12-year-old Easton's brother, Brogan, took his first at-bat as a pinch hi atlanta braves 44 jersey tter in Williamsport on Friday after being added to the roster on Thursday.

As he came up to the plate, a chorus of cheers rained down on the 10-year-old as he talked to his coach prior to his at-bat.

The Southeast Region, represented by Tennessee, would go on to beat Utah (Mountain region represenKeds tatives) 11-2. Although Brogan struck out in the at-bat, it's a heartwarming momentPete Alonso to see the entire stadium recognize what happened when he stepped into the box.

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Easton's injury led to the Little League World Series removing bunk beds, and he got an outpouring of support from the atlanta braves jersey for toddlers baseball world — including his favorite player, Mookie Betts.

Although Easton's injury weighed on the Utah-based Snow Canyon, the team said in a statement this week that it would continue to play.

"While our hearts are heavy, we are committed as a team to have an opportunity to take part in something that is only dreamt about by others," the team said.

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