MLB 2023 schedule changes, explained: Teams will play every other team in atlanta braves spencer strider switch to 'balanced' approach

August 24, 2022 By David Suggs 0

Giancarlo Stanton

The MLB schedule will look a little different starting in 2023.

For years, MLB schedules have been slanted toward divisional opposition. The stronger the division, the tougher the schedule.

That's all about to change.

The 2023 schedule will offer more variety. For the first time in modern MLB history, all 30 teams will face each other at some point during the season and should pave the way for more even scheduling amongst teams.

Teams playing in difficult divisions like the AL East, for example, should get a bit of a reprieve from their daunting divisional slate, while sides in weaker divisions like the NL Central will get a step up in competition.

Perhaps more importantly, the change will take baseball's biggest stars into markets they haven't ventured into before. NL fans will get a chance to watch the likes of Shohei Ohtani, Aaron Judge and Mike Trout live and in the flesh. Meanwhile, AL supporters will be able toCarlos Rodon Giants Jerseys see their favorite teams play Mookie Betts, Bryce Harper and Juan Soto, among others.

Here's everything you need to know about the 2023 MLB schedule.

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Why was MLB's schedule changed for 2023?

The changes to the 2023 MLB schedule were a year in the making. Sparked by an expanded playoff field in 2022, MLB officials realized teams needed more balanced schedules.

The new playoff format, which includes three Wild Card spots instead of two, was a money grab by MLB. It allows the league and its owners to extract revenue from a minimum of six additional postseason games.

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However, that alteration has had a knock-on effect this year; teams in easier divisions have an edge. The Orioles, sitting 2.5 games out of the final AL Wild Card spot, have played 71 games against teams with a record over .500. The Mariners, the team currently locked in the final Wild Card place? Just 63 games.

A more evenly-distributed schedule should level the playing field for teams vying for postseason play.

Additionally, the move allows the league to market its biggest and bBryce Harper est stars to more of the general public. Whereas leagues like the NBA and NHL make ev atlanta braves mitchell ness jersey eryone play home-and-away, interleague play has made contests between AL and NL sides rare. There's a reason Mike Trout has only played against the Braves three times in his career so far.

The move adds another layer of entertainment value to MLB. For owners, that means one thing: more money. But for those who pack the stadium concourses that means a more engaging fan experience, something that should help spur the game's popularity across the world.

How balanced is the 2023 schedule?

While the 2023 MLB schedule is more balanced than it has ever been, teams aren't going to face evenly-distributed bump in the strictest sense. Stephen Strasburg Nationals Jerseys Divisional matchups will still take up the brunt of a team's schedule.

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But the weight of divisional matchups will be lessened, as each team will compete against every one else over the course of the year.

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How many games will each team play against divisional rivals?

Teams will now face off with their divisional rivals 52 times in a season. That's 24 fewer interdivisional games than in years' past.

With five teams in each division, every teamNoah Syndergaard Phillies Jerseys will face their divisional opposition 13 times in a single season. Depending on the way a team's schedule is determined, that means every team will play their interdivisional competition in seve atlanta braves jersey cheap n home games and six road games (or vice versa).

How many games will each team play against non-d atlanta braves jersey large ivisional league opponents?

Teams will play 64 games against non-divisional sides from the same league. That's two fewer than they did in years' past.

That's six games against six league opponents and seven games against four other league opponents.

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How many games will each team play against interleague teams?

Each team will play 46 interleague games, up fro atlanta braves jersey mens xl m 20 in previous years. Those 46 games will be split up as such:

  • Home-and-home series (four games total) agains vintage atlanta braves jersey t a team's natural interleague rival (e.g., Mets vs. Yankees, White Sox vs. Cubs, etc.)
  • Seven three-game home series against interleague squads.
  • Seven three-game away series against interleague squads..