Who atlanta braves merchandise is Jurrangelo Cjinte? Meet the 19

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The 2022 MLB Draft is full of enticing prospects. Druw Jones looks poised to impress at the next level, Elijah Green has five-tool potential and Dylan Lesko has electric stuff, to name just three players.

But there might not be a more distinct MLB hopeful than Jurrangelo Cjinte. The Curaçao native with a four-pitch mix seems destined to hear his name called at some point in this year's draft.

There is one thing that is very notable about Cjinte, though; he's ambidextrous. And not only can Cjinte throw right-handed and left-handed, he can throw 90-plus mph with both hands.

He showed off his switch pitching ability this week at the 2022 MLB Draft Combine.

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That's unprecedented in the major league game. According to Baseball Reference, there have only been eight ambidextrous MLB pitchers. And none of those pitchers had Cjinte's velocity.

So, who is Jurrangelo Cjinte, and what are his MLB prospects? Sporting News has everything you need to know about him, as well some of the history oLevi sf switch pitching in the major leagues.

Who is Jurrangelo Cjinte?

Cjinte is a 19-year old pitching prospect who looks to be selected in the early rounds of the 2022 MLB Draft. Originally from Curaçao, Cjinte began to make a name for himself at Champagnat Catholic school in Florida. Cjinte earned notice for his switch pitching; he'd swap pitching hands during innings to mystify batters.

He said he picked up the tactic from atlanta braves jersey xxl his father. Cjinte is a natural left-hander, but he grew up using MLB Toyshis dad's catcheDKNY Sport r mitt and learned how to sling the ball with his right hand.

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Cjinte arrived in the United States in 2016 and proceeded to miss bats with both hands. He has a better pitch selection right-handed: his fastball sits between 92 and 96 mph and his slider projects as an effective high-spin pitch.

His left arm doesn't offer quite the same velocity. Cjinte's fastball left-handed sits at a tick under 90 mph. But he still has a diverse repertoire from that side, including a sweeping curveball in the low 70s.

Although some might see Cjinte's ability as a novelty, many do not, including Mississippi State coach Chris Lemonis. Cjinte committed to the Bulldogs, who won the College World Series in 2021.

Cjinte still has a ways to go before establishing himself as one of the draft class' elite arms, but his versatility is sure atlanta braves jersey men white austin riley to appeal to GMs — no ot atlanta braves gear her ambidextrous pitcher has brought the velocity that Cjinte has shown.

How does Jurrangelo Cjinte pitch with both hands?

Cjinte's unusual skill set requires specialized equipment. When he was younger, Cjinte used two gloves — one for the right hand and another for the left. During games, his coaches would toss him the glove that corresponding with the batter's stance. If he was facing a right-handed batter, he would use a left-hander's glove, and vice versa.

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Eventually, Cjinte graduated to a six-finger glove, which allows him to seamlessly switch hands between at-bats. According to Baseball America, the glove is worth $500.

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History of switch pitchers in MLB

Per Baseball Reference, only eight pitchers have been ambidextrous. The most famous example is Pat Venditte, whose proficiency with both hands led MLB and MILB to implement a rule named after him. Ambidextrous pitchers are now required to indicate before e atlanta braves championship gear very at-bat which hand they will use.

The eight switch pitchers in MLB history, as well as the years they were active. All information courtesy of Baseball Reference:

atlanta braves jersey olsen

Miguel Cabrera Pitcher Years active
Pat Venditte 2015-20
Greg Harris 1981-95
Moxie Manuel 1905-08
George Wheeler 1896-99
Tod Brynan 1888-91
Elton Chamberlain 1886-96
Tony Mullane 1881-94
Larry Corcoran 1880-87

Additionally, several Negro League pitchers were ambidextrous, including Ulysses Greene and Larry Kimbrough.

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