Customer Care

At Erba, our customers are our first priority. We provide comprehensive after sales service through a strong technical, application and sales support network.

“Your customer doesn’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”- Damon Richards.

We assist our partners, distributors and customers through readily accessible, multi-faceted support that guarantees seamless operations.



Transasia’s cloud based system, Transconnect has helped equip labs with cutting-edge technology to improve patient treatment outcomes and enable better analytic insights. Its sophisticated software provides the team with real-time updates, prompting timely intervention to avoid a breakdown. In addition, a round the clock application support guarantees a seamless lab workflow.  IoT sensors integrated in the instruments, provides extensive information on the consumption of reagents and the thus enhances the efficiency of the lab.


Sales and distribution support

Sales / Distributor Support

The sales representatives are our torchbearers, bringing you close to us. There to assist you on all scientific, technical and other aspects, the sales team is spread across all regions. Every sales representative is just a call away from providing prompt and efficient services and customer delight! 

Our distributors partner with us in our operations. It is with their support that we are able to reach out to Doctors and laboratories in areas where we don’t have a local presence. We ensure that our distributors are always well trained and kept abreast with information on our products and solutions in order to provide seamless service.


Technical Support

The technical and application support team forms the backbone of Erba. Our qualified engineers undergo regular training to effectively troubleshoot any technical snags with the instruments.


Technical Support

Application Support

Application Support

The application support team guides the end users on the functionalities and maintenance of the instrument. They deliver technical support for the software applications and technologies relevant to the product.