At Erba, we believe in progress through constant learning.

“The best part of learning is sharing what you know” – Vaughn K. Lauer.

We believe is offering our employees, patrons and business partners an opportunity for growth through our various learning and development initiatives. 

We regularly conduct training sessions for our employees to ensure that they are abreast with industry information. Our team of corporate trainers works with them to deliver superior customer service. The team is routinely given hands-on and classroom trainings on the technical aspects of the instruments. 

At Erba, we regard our patrons as an equal partner in our effort to promote good health. We regularly organize medical education programmes, scientific sessions and seminars to update them on the new offerings and recent developments. We acknowledge and appreciate the efforts of our prestigious national and international speakers and industry leaders who support us in this initiative.

CMEs and Scientific Seminars

Continuous Medical Education (CME) programmes are conducted on a regular basis to bring together industry stalwarts. CMEs offer a common platform for knowledge and expertise sharing. Through scientific seminars, we bring together research scientists to exchange their views on new studies.


The Erba team lives up to its expectations of catering to its patrons anywhere and everywhere. Roadshows are the latest initiative from Erba, to reach out far and wide. A team of technical product experts travels across a remote region in an effort to provide Doctors and technicians hands-on training on the instruments.

Technical training

Technician Training

The Erba team provides laboratory technicians and technologists regular updates and insights regarding the latest industry developments. Our engineers impart them periodical trainings on the proper use of the instruments for accurate results.

Best Practice Training for Labs

The Erba team stands testament to best ethical practices. We promote a virtuous work environment, by regularly training and imparting knowledge to our customers on best medical practices.

Learning and development