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ERBA Mannheim promise to deliver unrivalled affordability and technology in a burst of new product launches at this year’s AACC.

Date : 02 Aug, 2019

  • New product launches across Hematology, Clinical Chemistry and Immunology specialties
  • An exclusive unveiling of the Erba Mannheim next-gen, advanced automation analyser – NEXUS, featuring world-first technologies
  • Multiple on-booth presentations and showcases

Erba Mannheim showcases their latest high quality, affordable IVD solutions at AACC with an impressive display of 4 specialist zones: Hematology, Clinical Chemistry, Urinalysis and Immunology.

Central to their presence is an exclusive, invitation-only, unveiling of the new NEXUS advanced automation range. NEXUS will provide labs with a modular solution designed to deliver mid-scale, advanced automation across immunology, clinical chemistry and hematology, using a powerful array of technology such as advanced imaging, artificial intelligence, thick film ISE and high sensitivity magnetic beads for CLIA analysis.

A plethora of new products and upgrades are being showcased on booth 827, including:

  • XL200 and XL640 – Our signature chemistry analysers now upgraded to include a touch screen with improved software for easier operation, longer walk-away time and faster TAT
  • ELAN 30s– a new fully automated compact benchtop ELISA microstrip processor with easy to use software including QC reports and ability to perform 6 different tests simultaneously
  • New Erba LIMS software with mobile app providing high function device interfacing and remote online approval of patient reports, eliminating need for expensive LIS systems.

“AACC 2019 will be Erba Mannheim’s most exciting ever event – with many new technologies to help our customers improve workflow and quality whilst reducing cost and turnaround time. From the simplest semi-automatic system to the impressive sophistication of our future NEXUS range, we are committed to help improve the lives of millions through high quality, affordable automation.” Alastair McLeod, VP Global Marketing.

Alongside new products, the existing suite of Erba solutions will also be featured, including the LAURA XL fully automatic urine analyser and the H560 and ELITE 580 fully automatic hematology analysers.

Supported by 4 on booth information sessions to be held from 1-2pm (6-7th Aug), AACC 2019 is the most interactive session yet from the leader in affordable IVD solutions.

Visit ERBA Mannheim at AACC 2019, CA, booth 827.

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About Erba Mannheim
Erba Mannheim is an IVD solutions provider focused on improving health outcomes in developing nations. Originally founded in India by Suresh Vazirani and now with operations in Europe and the US, Erba provides hospitals and labs with a full range of diagnostic instruments, reagents and support services to more than 100 countries.