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Erba Mannheim Launches Innovative Electrolyte Analyser with Maintenance-Free Electrodes at MEDICA 2019

Date : 18 Nov, 2019

Many laboratories experience difficulties when using ion-selective electrode (ISE) analysers with traditional electrodes, as the electrodes must be replaced periodically. Failing electrodes can give erroneous results, interrupt workflows and are expensive to replace.

To address this problem, Erba Mannheim is launching the EC 90, a new electrolyte analyser with maintenance-free electrodes in an all-in-one sensor cartridge, aimed at labs of all sizes. The EC 90 directly measures Na+, Cl-, K+ and Ca2+ from whole blood, plasma, serum and pre-diluted urine using a sensor incorporating thick film technology.

The ‘plug and play’ sensor cartridge is integrated into a new reagent pack capable of performing up to 3,000 samples, with a market leading on-board lifetime of 3 months. No maintenance or cleaning of the pack is required, and waste is self-contained. The EC 90 can analyse samples in 35 seconds, with a typical throughput of 90 samples/hour, and has 35µL and 70µL sample volume measuring modes. Results can be given with a resolution of 0.1mmol/L for Na+ and Cl-, 0.01mmol/L for K+ and Ca2+, and are reproducible with CV< 1%.

Small and lightweight (337 x 273 x 422mm, <8kg), the EC 90 features an 8.5” colour touchscreen display, LIS connectivity, automatic calibration, two USB ports, on-board 24 column thermal printer and a serial port.

“We are very proud & delighted to launch the new EC90 analyser at MEDICA” 

says Dimitris Giantzoudis, Global Product Manager for Clinical Chemistry.

“Our customers are under constant pressure to reduce downtime and maintain high quality results, so offering a maintenance-free electrode and single reagent pack was our way of helping them achieve this. Our R&D team has huge experience in thick film electrode design, so we are confident about system robustness in labs and point of care environments.”

Nikhil Vazirani, MD of Erba Mannheim, added:

“We believe this is a game-changer for labs seeking fast, high quality electrolyte measurements in a stand-alone format at an affordable price. Because it offers superior accuracy and cost effectiveness, we are already integrating this approach into our range of fully automatic clinical chemistry analysers to offer the same high-performance electrolyte measurements next year”

The EC90 will be launched on November 18th at the MEDICA 2019 trade fair (Hall 1/D11). More details can be found at

EC 90 Electrolyte Analyzer

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