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Transasia wins Economic Times Healthcare Award 2021 for its COVID-19 testing solutions

Date : 22 Dec, 2021



Right at the start of the pandemic, the R&D teams in India, UK and USA collaborated to fast-track the development of COVID testing solutions. In no time, we successfully introduced Made in India COVID-19 testing kits for diagnosis and sero-surveillance. At the Economic Times Healthcare Awards 2021, these kits have been recognized as the Tech Solution of the Year.

On receiving the award, Dr. Manoj Chugh, Vice President, R&D (Reagents),Transasia said, “It’s a great honor that our COVID-19 testing solutions have won this recognition. It’s our vision to offer high quality and affordable diagnostic solutions. It’s a matter of pride for us that these kits have gained acceptance by reputed institutes in India for their sensitivity, reliability and ease-of-use. We were among the first in India to introduce the ErbaLisa COVID-19 IgG kit. The Erba MDx Rt-PCR kit is highly sensitive to detect even in low viral load. Further with the introduction of the ErbaQik COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test we are offering a complete portfolio.”

We thank our patrons for trusting our products and services and remain committed to contributing to the Health of the nation!